Group Vision Service (GVS) is a privately held company operating as a Managing General Underwriter. GVS has developed partner relationships that bring expertise and best-in-class services to our clients. Our approach results in high quality – low cost products that are flexible and easy to administer.

GVS manages a range of vision care programs based on low uniform pricing and access to a unique National Provider Network designed to serve local and multi-state employer groups and Taft Hartley Funds. GVS manages the product designs, group implementation process, pricing, risk and performance agreements and account management to bring our customers benefits and administration they determine best meets their business needs.

GVS has a business agreement with EyeMed Vision Care LLC as well as their subsidiary company First American Administrators (FAA). This relationship is a powerful asset bringing GVS clients access to a national network, providing reliable accurate claims administration and best-in-class customer service.With more than 25 years of experience, EyeMed is America’s fastest growing vision benefits company with more than 11,000 clients, encompassing more than 40 million members and is part of Luxottica’s $10.2 billion global organization. Currently serving more than 60 million customers in 130 countries, Luxottica truly helps the world see.

EyeMed Vision Care manages the GVS Select Network which offers the most diverse network of vision care providers in the nation by incorporating independent optometrists, ophthalmologists as well as leading national and regional retail optical outlets. The network is highlighted by including national retailers such as LensCrafters, most Pearle Vision locations, Target Optical, Sears Optical and JC Penney Optical.

Additionally, we have partnered with Fidelity Security Life Insurance Company (FSL) and Forrest T. Jones (FTJ).  FSL holds an A- (‘Excellent’) rating from AM Best. FSL is domiciled in Missouri and was founded out of responsiveness to the need for customized insurance products for niche markets. Over forty years later they remain flexible and responsive in providing products that match agent, policyholder and client needs. Since 1953, FTJ an affiliate FSL company, provides third party administration in support of FSL and GVS products.

GVS promotes ocular wellness by offering a vision benefit solution that provides comprehensive vision plan designs, convenience of a national network with retail providers which enhances value to groups and members. Through streamlined administrative processes and an integrated network that is comprised of optometrists, ophthalmologists, opticians and the nation’s largest retailers, we have a program that provides comprehensive eye care and quality eyewear at a great value and convenience for our groups and members.

Vision Wellness

You may think you need an eye exam only when it’s time to update your eyewear prescription. But the truth is, eye exams are about a lot more than seeing whether you need a new pair of glasses or contacts. Comprehensive eye exams play an important role in your overall wellness, and you should get one every year for optimal vision health. Besides measuring your vision, regular eye exams can help identify early signs of certain chronic health conditions, including high blood pressure, diabetes, heart disease and high cholesterol.1

1. American Academy of Ophthalmology, “Frequency of Ocular Examinations,” 2009.


Members have the choice of using national “network” retail providers allowing them to obtain services and eyewear in many mall locations during weekends and evenings. Lens Crafters can even make many prescriptions the same day. A win, win for both members and groups by reducing lost time from work.

Plan Sponsor Value

GVS is focused on bringing member and groups consistent benefits, lower costs, higher value plans with streamlined administration – that are easy to understand and use. Our communications strategy promotes vision wellness and access to care. Through pre- and post-enrollment materials, ongoing wellness initiatives and web content, we will support all facets of enrollment and ongoing participation.

Our no-cost materials include:

Benefit Summary
The Benefit Summary describes benefits, vision wellness, open enrollment, phone and Web-support tools. This piece is typically distributed at open enrollment meetings or assembled in other enrollment packages by clients.

Welcome Packet
Welcome Packet includes a member brochure and two ID cards. Each packet outlines copays, allowances and network discounts, offers a customized listing of nearby providers based on where employees live and provides customer care information.

For quick and easy access to materials, we created this website for clients to use as a one-stop resource. This online portal provides a reference library, videos and downloadable educational materials that can easily be distributed to members via email, company newsletters or collateral.

Member Value

Members will understand the retail value of their plan coverage which they can apply to their choice of eye wear. Many lens options are cost controlled so members can budget for their optical purchases. GVS provides a simple process for members to obtain in-network services – for both independent providers and our extensive network of retail providers. For in-network visits, members are simply responsible for designated plan co-pays and any other incurred charges after plan allowances and discounts – the provider takes care of the rest.

Plan sponsors gain from lower benefit costs and costs that are consistent for their members across the country regardless of the provider members select.