Plan Designs

GVS offers a flexible product portfolio always keeping our customer needs in mind. We know there are markets where standard plan options are appropriate and then there are group sponsors that are looking for a vision carrier that can design and deliver plans specific to a group and its members. We understand those needs and we have the flexibility, capability and desire to serve you and your members.

Our plan designs vary according to the frequency of the benefit along with a variety of copayment options and plan frame and contact lens allowances that provide the group sponsor to choose a plan design to meet a price point that fits within the company’s overall budget. Our proposal includes rates based on your specifications. Other plan options are available.

*Only offered if vision is packaged with medical or dental or is 100% employer paid

Additional GVS Products:

  • Materials only program: This program can be combined with the vision exam included in the medical coverage. Provides coverage for glasses or contacts. Eliminates two benefits for the routine eye exam and reduces the premium to the member.
  • Available Hearing exam and/ or hearing aid only benefit allowance. This program requires only one eligibility file and bill for both vision and hearing.
  • Lasik Benefit: Pays $300 lifetime benefit for one or both eyes.
  • Loss of Sight Benefit: Pays $1000 for the loss of sight due to injury in one or both eyes. (Included with Lasik Benefits)
  • Prescription Safety Eyewear Program: A program that offers fixed costs on ANSI Z87 approved safety frames and lenses.  Discounts are available from IndustrialEyes network providers only and are not insured benefits. Plan available with employer sponsorship.
  • Prescription Safety Eyewear Program: A program that offers fixed costs on ANSI Z87 approved safety frames and lenses.  Discounts are available from IndustrialEyes network providers only and are not insured benefits. Plan available with employer sponsorship.CLICK FOR SAFETY EYEWEAR

All GVS vision plans include a hearing aid discount plan.

EPIC Hearing Healthcare is a national network of ENT physicians and audiologists specializing in providing quality hearing healthcare to various groups and their members across the country.  EPIC manages the referral process; professional services and diagnostics assuring member access to all technology.  EPIC HSP pricing is consistent and standardized in all cities and states, across all makes, models, and manufacturers.

  • Brand Name Hearing Aids ‐ Savings of 30% to 60%
  • Access to all levels of Technology and Hearing Aid Styles
  • Reduced Costs on Services & Products
  • Assistance coordinating health plan benefits and Hearing Aid allowances to maximize savings
  • 3‐year warranty
  • 1‐year of follow up care
  • Free batteries ‐ one year supply mailed directly to your home
  • Can be offered to extended family members ( Parents, Grandparents, Aunts and Uncles)


EPIC Hearing Healthcare
T: 877-606-3742

Website is located at:

All plans include GVS Vision Savings Plan.

The GVS Savings Plan provides a vision discount plan for GVS member’s extended family.


For more information or request a proposal contact Group Vision Service Sales Department: or call (240) 453-2004

Benefits You Can Rely On

GVS offers plan designs that vary according to the frequency of benefits along with a variety of copayment options.  This allows the group sponsor to choose a plan which best suits their employee’s needs.

This vision benefit program is designed to cover visual needs and offers fixed pricing for cosmetic extras.  Cosmetic extras include: blended lenses, oversize lenses, photochromic lenses, tinted lenses, progressive multifocal lenses, coating of lenses, laminating of lenses frames that cost more than the plan allowance, cosmetic lenses, optional cosmetic processes, and UV (ultraviolet) protection.

Proposals may include coverage for some or all of these items as requested.  Coverage will be indicated on the proposal rate pages.

Vision Examination – Exams include dilation as necessary but this may vary depending on the age of the patient.  The following is a summary of covered tests:

  • Case history
  • Visual acuity
  • Internal exam
  • External exam
  • Pupilary reflexes
  • Binocular vision
  • Objective refraction
  • Subjective refraction
  • Glaucoma test
  • Slit Lamp exam (Biomicroscopy)
  • Color Vision
  • Depth perception
  • Diagnosis and treatment plan

Contact Lens Exam* – Same as spectacle lens exam but includes a “fitting fee” or contact lens “evaluation” for measuring contact lenses.  (Standard fitting fees are subject to a copayment indicated in the benefit summary.)

Eyeglass Lenses – We offer more than just a vision exam…our full service plans include benefits for corrective single vision, bifocal and trifocal lenses in plastic (CR 39) and in all prescriptions.

About the Frame – Members may choose any frame from the provider’s collection.  The covered benefit relates to the frame allowance indicated in the plan design and shown in the benefit summary.  Typical plan coverage is a $130 retail allowances.  When a member goes to a network provider and chooses a frame matching the plan allowance, and the frame will be covered by the plan.  If a member chooses a frame greater than the plan allowance, the member will receive a 20% discount off the balance over the plan allowance. GVS members have access to to purchases frames and lenses via the internet. Utilizes the clients full in network benefits.

Contact Lenses – Members may elect to receive contact lenses in lieu of spectacle lenses.  The typical plan allowance of $130 is provided and members may choose contacts as prescribed.  The plan allowance is applied to the contact lens purchase.  The plan allowance is determined by the group sponsor and indicated in the benefit summary.  The plan allowance does not process on a declining balance, so members are advised to use the full amount of the allowance at the initial visit.  The plan allowance may not be sufficient to cover the purchase in full.  Conventional contact lenses will receive an additional 15% discount off the balance exceeding the plan allowance.  Disposable lenses are not discounted. Contact lenses are now available through The member can utilized the in network contact lens allowance with the convenience of a web site.